XIV New Education Forum in Brussels & FOLM

Oct 16, 2020

XIV New Education Forum in Brussels & FOLM as an example of a method of developing transversal competences among Youth.

Cross-sectional competences, such as communication, stress resistance are taken into account in every workplace. Discussion about how to develop them will take place at the December New Education Forum in Brussels. Trainers and coordinators of the FOLM project will take part in it.

FOLM project participants – people in professional and educational “suspension”, through experience in the project will learn more about their capabilities, open themselves and others. It assumes work with participants’ resources and the development of so-called soft skills such as coping with stress, time management, motivation, creativity, which in effect increases self-esteem and increases efficiency – explains Agnieszka Łobacz, psychologist, coach and mentor from the FOLM project in Poland.

During the XIV New Education Forum, international experts will discuss many examples of proven actions that help young people get an education and enter to adulthood. NEF is addressed to employees, specialists and people interested in the subject of education and the labour market in local governments, companies, education and academic institutions.