NEF Brussels 2020

Outdoor learning - an educational solution in the face of the pandemic
December 10, 2020 9:00 am
Online meeting

Due to the prevailing global pandemic COVID-19, the Centre for Innovative Education (CIE) could not organise a physical event in Brussels and the project countries.


The meeting was organized on December 10, 2020 in an online format, attended by all FOLM project partners, a representative of the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, Members of the European Parliament once a small number of experts and bodies that have been working with NEF for years.

During this year’s meeting we delivered a summary of the current FOLM project development, we presented CIE ideas for the future (OL Centers) and we asked for guidance and opinion from the representatives of the European institutions in terms of these plans implementation. Further we discussed potential funding and expansion of the network of institutions interested in the New Education Forum and the Outdoors Learning method.

The extraordinary times of pandemic and post pandemic strongly encourage discussions on the meaning and use of the Outdoors Learning. This method presently serves as a safe-space alternative for education and with a growing number of those excluded (also partly due to Coronavirus), the demand for it will be growing in the coming months and years.

Themes: Very concrete selection of topics, supported by videos, presentations, graphics and numbers/ data to rise the attractiveness of the online formula of the Forum and increase the number of the participants. All topics are bound by one main theme: “Outdoor learning – education solution amidst a pandemic”.

The meeting was attended by, among others:

  • Jerzy Buzek – Member of the European Parliament, Former President of the European Parliament, Ambassador of FOLM;
  • Yves LE LOSTECQUE – European Commission Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture;
  • Dr Chris LOYNES – European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE Network);
  • Dr Jule HILDMANN – University of Edinburgh.



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