NEF Brussels 2017

Smart education in smart cities and smart regions

In November 2017 in Brussels, the key stakeholders ofthe New Education Forum (NEF):business community, trade unions, decision-makers, NGOs, academia and research institutions at the European level discussed Smart Education Indicators coming from new economic models of Smart Cities and Smart Regions and crucial  VET promotion.


Smart education in smart cities and smart regions

Key messages of the New Education Forum 2017 were:

“We should start Innovation with Education Forum because everything starts with education” Jerzy Buzek opening New Education Forum 2017

“I think that NEF platform is very important and I am very glad it didn’t stay in the “buble” of European Parliament but is also present in the European Regions” – Brando Benifei, European Parliament Member at the Opening Dinner of NEF 2017

“Teachers have insufficient knowledge of the world of work” – Alan Sherry, Principal at the Glasgow Kelvin
College in the 2 session of the NEF 2017

“VET experience needs to be shared” said Uwe Combüchen, Director General of CEEMET at NEF 2017’s second

Dana Carmen Bachmann: “graduate tracking is important to be aware what happens with graduates and to use this knowledge in career guidance.”

“Youth need to have more blended models of learning so they are prepared for their jobs to change once they start their employment” said Montserrat Gomendio, Deputy Director for Education at OECD when presenting her ppt on NEF 2017

“Learning itself should constitute a transversal competency” stated Professor Stansislaw Dylak of UAM during first session of NEF 2017

Ellen Doherty of the General Teaching Council of Scotland: “The capacity of NEF is growing“.

“I think that if we can meet year by year this shows that NEF Network is strong” summarized Michał Boni the first session of NEF 2017.


NEF Participants and Panelist:

Almost 100 representatives related to the labour market and VET from 14 countries and from all sectors – business, academics, public administration, parents were among NEF 2017 participants. Panellists included:

  • Members of the European Parliament from diverse countries and parties and European Parliament Committees – ambassadors of the New Education Forum including Jerzy BUZEK, Michał BONI, Danuta JAZŁOWIECKA, Agnieszka KOZŁOWSKA-RAJEWICZ, Ines AYALA, Brando BENIFEI, Sofia RIBEIRO
  • Dana-Carmen BACHMANN, Head of Unit, VET, Apprenticeships & adult learning, D-G Employment
  • Joanna BOCHNIARZ, President of the Center for Innovative Education
  • Brendan BURNS, President, NAT at the EESC
  • Uwe COMBUECHEN, Director General, CEEMET
  • Sigrid DE VRIES, Secretary General, European Association of Automobile Suppliers CLEPA
  • Ellen DOHERTY, Director, Education, Registration and PLD, General Teaching Council for Scotland, host of the Edinburgh Regional Meeting of NEF
  • Stanisław DYLAK, Professor, Pedautology Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • Sophia ERIKSSON WATERSCHOOT, Director, Youth, Education and Erasmus+, DG Education and Culture, European Commission
  • Montserrat GOMENDIO, Deputy Director, Education and Skills, OECD
  • Peter HIGGINS, Professor, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh
  • Juan Manuel RAMÓN IPAS, Mayor, Jaca City
  • Jacek KRAWCZYK, President, Employers’ Group, European Economic and Social Committee
  • Pirita LINDHOLM, Director, ERRIN
  • Michał ŁAKOMSKI, Mayor’s Proxy for Smart Cities, Poznań City
  • Alan SHERRY, Principal & Chief Executive, Glasgow Kelvin College
  • Reinhold WEISS, Professor, former President, BIBB



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