NEF Turin 2017

On May 22 and 23, the Center for Innovative Education (CIE) successfully held the first regional meeting of the New Education Forum (NEF) in Turin.

We received members of three Commissions of the European Parliament:

  • Mercedes Bresso, of the Committee of the Regions
  • Brando Benifei, of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee
  • Daniele Viotti, from the Committee on Budgets

The panelists also included experts and business representatives from Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland. We have the knowledge of three research institutions, including the Italian INAPP.

  • Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament.
  • Mercedes Bresso, Member of the European Parliament.
  • Ellen Doherty, Director of Vocational Training, General Counseling Council, Scotland.
  • Claudio Masotti, vice president of the European Parent Association.
  • Sigfrido Pilone, Ing. Direttore Camerana and della Fondazione ITS Aerospasio e Meccatronica.
  • Giorgio Possio, Dottor, A.D. Spesso Board; President of the Lean Protocol, VP Piccola Industria Confindustria.
  • Stefano Serra, CEO, Teseo - Clemessy Italy, President Camerana Professional School, President of ITS Aeronautics and Mechatronics and Robotic Prosthetics.
  • Krzysztof Świerk, director of the VET School Center.
  • Daniele Viotti, Member of the European Parliament.
  • Reinhold Weiß, vice president and research director at the Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung.

When and where:

May 22-23, 2017
Unimanagement (Agora meeting room)
Via XX Settembre, 29, Turin, Italy


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